Dog Leg Protector   Sorry, Out of Stock at this time.

Benefits & Features:

•Velcro straps allow the protector to stay on better than other products.
•The Protector can help keep your dog from licking the wound location.
•A more comfortable device for your dog to wear during the healing process.
•The soft fabric allows more mobility and air flow for your dog during the healing.
•The soft elbow gusset limits the amount of friction from the protector to the body 
of your canine.
•The anti-slippery rubber piece at the bottom of the sleeve allows for better mobility.
•A waterproof slip can be velcroed over the leg to help keep the protector dry.

Hearty Mutts Dog Leg Protector Size Chart

Size                      XXS              XS              S                M                  L                XL
                      (Chihuahua)      (Yorky)     (Shih Tzu)     (Cocker        (Golden         (Great
                                                                                  Spaniel)       Retriever)      Dane)
Middle Of
Back to floor 11-15″ 12-17″ 15-22″ 19-27″ 25.5-35″ 33-38″

Armpit to
floor             4-5″  5.5-7″ 7.5-9.5″       10-12″ 16-18″  19-24″