INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT is a natural organic herbal whole body pet detox and rejuvenating kit that will help detox your pet's liver, blood, kidneys, lymphatic system and stimulate cell regeneration to give your dog, cat, ferret, horse, or other pet or animal a stronger and healthier immune system.
Toxins weaken your pet's immune system allowing for disease to set in. Often times our bodies (including our pets) will get overloaded with toxins and the body will store them. When the body stores the toxins it can create dis-ease. It is very beneficial to cleanse toxins out of the body at least twice/year to rid the body of the toxins and keep the system in balance.

What is Cell Regeneration? When disease takes over parts of the body it can destroy the cells. Tumors destroy cells. Cell regeneration is restoring cells to their original health.

Buy Internal Gold Pet Detox Kit to help your pet or animal:

*Detoxify and cleanse the body
*Cleanse and purify the blood
*Rejuvenate the kidneys and urinary tract functions
*Rid the bacteria in the urinary tract
*Stimulate cell regeneration
*Increase red cell production
*Reduce kidney stones
*Break down tumors
*Soothe the digestive tract
*Strengthen muscles
*Help strengthen the vital organs
*Relieve muscle spasms
*Bring your pet into hormonal balance
*Calm the nerves
*Reduce inflammation

Internal Gold Detox Kit includes:

Organic Life Cell Support ~ Click the link for complete information on Life Cell Support.

Organic Kidney Rejuvenator ~ Click the link for complete information on Kidney Rejuvenator.

When to use Internal Gold Detox Kit:

Internal Gold Detox Kit should be used as a maintenance (every 6 months) or when you feel your pet's health is compromised.

The Kidney Rejuvenator in the Internal Gold Detox Kit can be used 10 days on and 10 days off throughout treatment while using HeartWorm Free to help your dog eliminate the dead heartworm from the body more quickly (the kidneys are responsible for eliminating the dead heartworm from the body), thereby helping your dog recover more quickly and test negative for heartworm more rapidly.

The Life Cell Support in the Internal Gold Detox Kit can be used AFTER using HWF (formerly HeartWorm Free) to clean the remaining dead heartworms out of the blood.

Helpful Tips for Better Recovery:

Give distilled drinking water. This will help keep unnecessary toxins out of your pet or animal's diet.
Give plant based vitamins and minerals. This will provide nutrients it needs to help recover more quickly.
EXERCISE will stimulate the circulation.

Toxins that can affect the kidneys and liver:

*Chemicals and preservatives in the diet
*Drinking water which has been treated with chlorine and fluoride
*Flea collars and preventatives
*Second hand cigarette smoke
*Pesticides, Chemicals, and Pollution in the environment
*NSAID's, antibiotics, etc.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.