Amber Technologies Petizol (formerly Pet's Pain Formula) is an all-natural herbal product designed to help relieve pain, and reduce inflammation and fever in dogs. Petizol may also help with restlessness as it eases muscle pain, joint pain, and general nerve pain. Petizol is also soothing to the digestive tract (can be useful for cramping pains). Petizol contains feverfew, which has been clinically proven and effective for migraine headaches as well as reducing inflammation and fever. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CATS OR BIRDS.

Petizol is designed to help:

· Reduce fevers
· Relieve pain
· Backaches
· Nerve pain
· Painful menstruation
· Ease muscle pain related to rheumatism
· Relieves headaches
· Helps with sleeplessness
· Relieves colic pains in intestinal tract and uterus.

According to Romayne Gallagher, MD, of, "It turns out that healing is actually delayed when pain caused by tissue damage is not relieved. A number of studies suggest that uncontrolled pain has an adverse effect on our immune system. Continuous pain also appears to lower our body's ability to respond to stressful situations such as surgery, chemotherapy, and psychological stress."

The veterinarians at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School are proponents of pain control for pets. They point out that the "benefits include improved respiratory functions, decreasing stress responses surrounding surgery, decreased length of hospitalization, faster recovery to normal mobility, improved rates of healing and even decreasing the spread of cancer after surgery.

Almost all studies show people and animals return to normal eating and drinking habits sooner when given relief from pain. Therefore prevention, early recognition and aggressive management of pain and anxiety should be essential to veterinary care of small mammals. The current approach is to be sensitive to the subtle signs of pain, because the treatment of pain itself can be healing. Pain is stressful and can prolong recovery. Click here for an interesting article regarding animal pain and how our pets reflect that pain.

Things you can do if your pet is in PAIN

* Petizol up to every 4 hours
* Ice for a soft tissue injury or swelling
* Acupuncture is also very effective
* Turmeric in capsules or sprinkled on food
* Spirulina (plant based vitamin supplement that if effective on nerve pain)
* Glucosamine/chondroiton supplementation
* Fish oil and vitamin E supplementation
* MSM, SAM-e, Cetyl Myristoleate if the animal responds to them

How to tell if your pet is in pain

Posture Hunched back, guarding (protecting) the painful area, “Praying” position (front legs and head on floor, hindquarters in the air), sitting or laying abnormally, attempting to rest in an abnormal position, head hanging down.

Movement Stiff, bearing no or partial weight on affected limb, any degree of limp, thrashing Restless, Trembling or shaking, weak tail wag or low carriage of tail, limited or no movement when awake, slow to rise.

Vocalization Screaming, whining, crying, barking or growling, lack of vocalization (no greeting bark or noise).

Behavior Agitated, poor or no grooming, decreased or absent appetite, inappropriate urination or defecation, acts out of character (gentle dogs may bite or become aggressive), licking wound or surgical site. Click here for more information on animal pain.

Suggested Use: Give orally 1 to 3 times daily as needed. Shake Well Before Use. One 1 oz bottle of Petizol will treat approximately 3 medium size dogs. Petizol has a 4-year shelf life.

Animal Weight              Petizol

Under 3 lbs.                  2 drops
3-10 lbs.                       5 drops
11-20 lbs.                    10 drops
21 and up                    15 drops

If your pet has sensitivity to aspirin this product should be avoided. Cats and birds cannot take aspirin products as it can cause kidney failure.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not give to CATS or BIRDS as they can experience kidney failure when given aspirin products. Not recommended for pregnant animals. An overdose can cause miscarriage. Discontinue use of you see allergic symptoms such as hives, trouble swallowing and swelling around the eyes. This product contains white willow, which has aspirin properties. White willow has been known to thin the blood.

Petizol Contains

Wild Lettuce - Eases muscle pains related to rheumatism, useful for insomnia and restlessness, helps colic pains in intestinal tract and uterus.
Arnica - Used to reduce swelling and inflammation.
White Willow Bark - Contains salicylates, which are aspirin like ingredients.
Feverfew - Has been used, like aspirin, primarily as a pain buffer. Reduces inflammation, used for relieving pain linked to arthritis and reducing painful menstruation, and an effective treatment for migraine headaches.
Meadowsweet - Contains aspirin like substances, which reduce fever and relieve pain, protects and soothes mucus membranes of the digestive tract.
Wintergreen - Contains salicylates. It has traditionally been used for backache, sciatica, rheumatism, muscle, joint and nerve pain.
Alcohol - To bring out the properties in the herbs and preserve the tincture.
Distilled Water

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