Petzlife Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are Petzlife oral care products safe for my pet?
Yes! All the ingredients in both products are 100% natural with the main ingredient being grapefruit seed extract making them safe for all breeds of cats and dogs.

Full list of natural ingredients click here!!!

2. What is the difference between the two products?
The difference between the two products is in the application, the ingredients are the same in both products and the gel has a gelling agent to help coat the teeth. Note: please go to our directions page for additional information and see why you would want to use both products.

3. How do these two great new products work?
The ingredients mix with your pet's saliva when applied on your pet's teeth and completely coats your pet’s teeth and mouth. This process kills harmful bacteria and loosens plaque and tarter.

4. How long will it take for my pet's teeth to be white?
The results with your pet will depend on how closely you follow the directions, the age of your pet, and the current condition of your pet's teeth. You should notice a disappearance of tarter and plaque between the tooth and the gum line and a reduction in redness within the first few weeks of application. If there is a large build-up of plaque the last area that will disappear is toward the center of the tooth.

5. My pet has bad breath will these products help?
Yes! In most cases bad breath (halitosis) is caused by bacteria living in your pet's mouth.  PetzLife Oral spray and gel are specially formulated to kill bacteria on contact, so as your pet's mouth becomes healthier breath becomes fresher.

6. Are there any side effects?
None! The only thing you will notice is that your pet will lick their lips repeatedly after you spray and after application. This natural reaction helps coat your pet’s teeth and gums.

7. I just had my pet’s teeth cleaned why should I use anything else?
Now is an especially important time to use our uniquely formulated products. Your Veterinarian scales under the pet’s gum-line and in most cases this area does not immediately seal back to your pet's teeth. By using PetzLife Oral care products you kill the bacteria that could enter directly into your pet's bloodstream. You will also notice that redness will disappear sooner and with normal maintenance, either spraying or brushing, you most likely will not need to return for another cleaning!

8. What are my guarantees?
PetzLife guarantees to refund 100% of your purchase price if you are not satisfied and when you return the unused portion. What we recommend is that you take a before picture of your pet's teeth, take another picture after 30 days and another after 60 days then e-mail us the results at,Your pet could win “pet of the month”

9. Will I save money by using them?
Yes! The costs of taking you’re pet to the Vet. are increasing at an alarming rate. One of our satisfied customers said he couldn't get by with under $200 every time he went to the vet. Another cat owner paid $500 for a root canal! In some states scaling your dogs teeth could cost over $400! If they save you only one trip to the Vet. you are $$$'s ahead!

10. What should I do if I really like them?
First of all, congratulate yourself for giving your pet one of the most important health aids in the world, then tell everyone you know that has a pet about these amazing products, and make sure you get a bottle as a gift for all those cat and dog lovers on your gift list!

Note! Veterinarians agree that healthy teeth increases life expectancy “3 to 5 years”!!

Great ways to use our products without the Brushing or Fuss!

One trick that is working fantastically is to put some gel on a saucer or plate and mix in a dab of peanut butter. Dogs love peanut butter and they lick the mixture and it coats their entire mouth and gums. The peanut butter is digested and our product is left in their mouth, this is very effective at bed-time. Keep all other food and water away and it will work it’s magic all night long! Pet owners have sprayed their dogs favorite chew toy or bone and this has worked for them. For small dogs all you do is pat a dab of gel on dogs lips and they lick into their mouth and product coats entire mouth and gums.

For cats you can spray or use gel on favorite treat or mix in a dab of fish oil, or liver paste, or other favorite snacks that your cat likes.

Remember, direct application is best with no dilution and occasional brushing , but these methods have been proven to work!!

If you can save one trip to the Vet you will be $$$ ahead and may even save your pets life! Anesthesia and scaling is killing 1,000’s of cats and dogs annually!

Guaranteed 100% & all Natural

Note: We strongly suggest using our salmon oil gel for cats because many cats have been trained to stay off of things with a spray bottle--also very easy to mix with favorite treat, chew rope, or just dab on their lips and they lick it into their mouth & Let the Magic begin!!

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