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Amber Technology has developed a product that will kill the heartworms slowly over a period of time allowing the dog’s own immune system to help eliminate the heartworm from its body.
AMBER NATURALZ Paxxin (Formerly Parvaid)
PAXXIN is an all natural herbal formula which may help pets overcome the deadly disease Parvo. Success has been reported with other similar ailments such as Corona, E-coli, colic, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, bloat and intestinal cramping 
AMBER NATURALZ Tossa K (Formerly Kennel Koff) 
An herbal antibiotic formula designed to help your pet overcome the bacterial infection causing kennel cough and other upper respiratory infections. In most cases, Tossa K relieves pets from the cough within 48 hours!

AMBER NATURALZ Kidney Rejuvenator 
Amber Technologies Kidney Rejuvenator can help rid toxins from the blood, clean the urinary tract system, promote proper kidney function and help reduce inflammation.

Amber Technology’s TYD was created specifically to normalize the thyroid gland. In cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism it has proven itself effective to help the thyroid gland stop over producing or under producing the thyroid hormones.
AMBER NATURALZ Kochi Free (Formerly Kocci Free) 
Amber Technologies Kochi Free is an HERBAL ANTI-PARASITIC with antioxidants formulated to help your pet overcome COCCIDIOSIS (aka known as COCCIDIA)

AMBER NATURALZ Otaxium Drops (Formerly Otalgia Drops)
Amber Technologies Otaxium Drops can help get rid of your pet's EAR INFECTION. Otaxium contains combination of herbs that help relieve the pain and pressure in the ear.

AMBER NATURALZ ProTummy (Formerly Tummy Trouble) 
Amber Technologies ProTummy can help relieve your dog, cat, ferret and other pets from most cases of vomiting, diarrhea, bloat and gas.
AMBER NATURALZ UTR (Formerly Urinary Tract Relief)
Amber Tech UTR with antioxidants is a blend of herbs in an anti-microbial base designed to help animals overcome urinary tract infections. UTR can help your dog or cat with pain associated from a bladder infection and may help stop the frequent urinating. 
Amber Technologies VIBACTRA PLUS is a special combination of herbs demonstrated to enhance immunity via their known antibiotic and antioxidant activities. Vibactra Plus can be used for bacterial, viral and parasitical infections. 

AMBER NATURALZ Petizol (Formerly Pets Pain Formula) 
Petizol is an all-natural herbal product designed to help relieve pain, and reduce inflammation and fever in dogs. Petizol may also help with restlessness as it eases muscle pain, joint pain, and general nerve pain.
AMBER NATURALZ Life Cell Support 
Amber Technologies Life Cell Support with antioxidants supports ongoing maintenance of oxygen carrying capacity, circulation, and immune function to help your pet detox the liver, blood, lymphatic system and stimulate cell regeneration.
AMBER NATURALZ Kitty-DT (Formerly Kitty Distempaid) 
Using Amber Technology’s KITTY - DT & VIBACTRA PLUS can help your kitten overcome the battle of the dreadful disease Feline Distemper. Kitty - DT promotes normalization of abnormal digestive tract function to include diarrhea (in some cases bloody diarrhea), vomiting, gas, bloat and more
AMBER NATURALZ Vintesta (Formerly Pets Cough & Cold) 
Vintesta is used to treat wet, congested coughs like those associated with the Canine Flu. It is a respiratory formula for acute respiratory health challenges associated with non-specific fever, runny nose, coughing, and acute respiratory congestion. Can also be used to strengthen and support immune system health, when pet has been exposed to other animals with acute respiratory conditions.

AMBER NATURALZ Internal Gold Detox Kit 
Including Amber Technology's Life Cell Support and Kidney Rejuvenator, this kit aids to facilitate the detoxification & rejuvenation of critical internal organ systems
Adizone was primarily created to be used as an anti-inflammatory medication and can be helpful when looking for a natural way to avoid cortizone treatments. Inflammation refers to the body's response to irritation or injury, and is characterized by redness, warmth, swelling, and pain. An anti-inflammatory reduces the inflammation and pain
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An all-natural dietary supplement. Relief from mental fatigue, poor memory, nervous tension, rebuild nerves, aid in nerve pain, insomnia, thyroid disorder, herpes and itching. May help with seizures.

Carticel which is high in antioxidants, has been specially formulated to help balance the immune response, by binding together connective tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, skin and bones. Carticel also affects the immune system in other ways
An all-natural antibiotic, anti-parasitic to help small reptiles fight off the parasitical issues that may plague them.

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AMBER NATURALZ TempaNerv (Formerly Canine Distempaid)  Newly Listed
Supports neurological symptoms of tremors, hard pad, and seizures. 
Please Note: You will notice some changes to the names of some Amber Naturalz Products. Please know the products are the same great formulas, just with a new name.
Pets Skin Cream is a natural blend of herbs that may help calm occasional skin discomforts.
For a more confortable recovery
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