Top 5 Pet Health Issues

Our love for dogs, cats, and all animals has translated into a passion for wanting to offer all of our customers the opportunity to use what we feel are the best natural pet remedies available. We urge you to try Amber Naturalz products today. You will be gald you did! Below are just a few ailments that Amber Naturalz products can help with. 

 Parvo: The protocol of PaxxinVibactra PlusLife Cell Support and Adizone are all-natural solutions to help your pet overcome the life threatening affects of the Parvo virus.

 Vomiting and Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats: The all natural  Pro Tummy and Kitty DT are unique formulas that contain naturally derived ingredients to help settle down and comfort your pet’s stomach.

 Coughing in Dogs and Cats: Pet’s upper respiratory symptoms are addressed with our all natural anti-microbial Tossa K and Vintesta products.

• Dog Ear Infection: With an ear infection, you may notice your pet shaking its head or detect an odor coming from the ears. Our Otaxium Drops help ease the symptoms of your pet’s ear infection.

 Heartworm: Amber Naturalz natural HWF Heartworm product may help your pets overcome heartworm for a long and healthy life.

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