Amber Technologies Vibactra Plus
With antioxidants!

AN HERBAL ANTIBIOTIC with an anti-parasitic!

An antibiotic is used to treat infections. An antibiotic with an anti-parasitic is used to treat an infection with microscopic parasites.

Vibactra Plus is a natural antibiotic that:

*Has an Anti-parasitic
*Has Olive Leaf, which in this formula is used to help rid the body of viral and bacterial infections.
*Has Grapefruit Seed Extract used for its antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
*High in antioxidants
*Aids in upper respiratory infections
*Helps build immune function
*Break fevers
*This formula can also be used as a preventative to stimulate and support the immune system when exposed to health threatening conditions.

Vibactra Plus can treat dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, mice, and other animals.

Suggested Use:

Give orally 4 times daily for up to 10 days

Animal Weight               Vibactra +

Under 3 lbs                     2 drops
3-10 lbs                          5 drops
11-20 lbs                      10 drops
21 and up                     15 drops

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

Shake Well Before Use.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not give to animals receiving other antibiotics. Do not give in addition to Amber Technology’s Vibactra, KOCCI FREE or Kennel-Koff. An overdose can cause miscarriage. Discontinue use if you see allergic symptoms such as hives, trouble swallowing and swelling around the eyes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The suggested use for parasites:

Give Vibactra Plus 4 time’s daily for 10 days. Stop treatment for 10 days. Start giving the Vibactra Plus 4 time’s daily another 10 days. Continue to run the cycle until your pet has had three 10-day treatments. Be sure to keep your pet’s environment CLEAN while treating. This will help keep your pet from re-infecting itself. Refer to chart below:

Vibactra Plus
Parvaid (for dogs) or Kitty Distempaid (for cats)

1st 10 days
Give 4 times daily
Give if vomiting and diarrhea is present, 4 times daily

2nd 10 days
Do not give
Do not give

3rd 10 days
Give 4 times daily
Give if vomiting and diarrhea is present, 4 tiles daily

4th 10 days
Do not give
Do not give

5th 10 days
Give 4 times daily
Give if vomiting and diarrhea is present, 4 times daily

Parasites can live outside its host for a long period of time. Your puppy can re-infect itself within the environment. Treat your yard with boiling water 3-4 days after you have started the treatment.

More about the herbs in Vibactra Plus:

Olive Leaf - Helps keep colds and flu at bay, supports immune system, high in antioxidants. Olive Leaf is an excellent anti-microbial that will kill viruses and bacteria.
Mustard Seed - Used in fevers, colds and influenza. Helps move acute conditions from the body more quickly.
Black Seed - An overall tonic herb known for its effects on the respiratory system, stomach and intestinal tract, kidney and liver, and the circulatory and immune system.
Pau D’arco - South American herb that is used for parasites and fungus. Also used for dry cough, anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing. We also use this herb for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Large doses or continued use of this product can cause miscarriage in pregnant animals.
Cloves - To rid the body of any microscopic parasites and soothes the intestinal tract. Strong disinfecting action.
Grapefruit Seed Extract – Used as a parasitic for small parasites. Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
Alcohol - To bring out the properties in the herbs and preserve the tincture.
Distilled Water.

One 1 oz bottle of Vibactra Plus will treat approximately 2 medium size dogs (30 lbs) and 3 adult cats. Vibactra Plus has a 4-year shelf life.

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